Domestic & Imported Bottled Beer



Bottled Beers

Corona Light
$5 Henry's Hard Ginger Ale 4.2
Bud Light
$4 Henry's Hard Orange Soda 4.2
Bud Light Lime
$4 Michelob Ultra $4
Bud Light Platinum
$4 Miller Lite
$4 New Belgium Pale Ale
Coors Light
$4 Sweet Water Blue $5
Corona $5 Yuengling Light



Draft Beers

Bud Light $4 Yuengling $4.25
Budweiser $4 Sam Adams Lager $5.50
Miller Lite $4 Angry Ochard $5.50
Coors Light $4 Shock Top $5.00
Michelob Ultra $4 Starhill Reviver Red IPA $5.00
Red Brick Laughing Skull $5.00 Starhill Grateful Pale Ale $5.00
Red Brick Hoplanta $5.00 Blue Point Toasted Lager $5.50
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity $6.50 Lagunitas IPA $6.50
Jekyll Cooter Brown $6.50 Bells Two Hearted $6.00
Sweetwater 420 $5.50 Stone Delicious $6.00
Sweetwater IPA $5.50 Blue Moon $5.00
Terrapin Hopseccutioner $5.50 New Belgium Ranger IPA $5.50
Wild Heaven Let There be Light $6.00 New Belgium Seasonal $5.50
Wild Heaven EDB $5.00 Full Sail Seasonal $5.00
Newcastle $4.50 Heineken $4.50
Guiness $6.00 Stella $5.50
Dos XX Lager $5.50 Carson's Demontic Double IPA $6.00
Dos XX Amber $5.50 Pontoon Southern Skipper $5.50

At Arena Tavern there are 42 draft lines for "The Beer Aficionado" to select from. We leave a few lines open for new crafts to be selected and tasted as they come to market. So if you know of a great beer that we are not currently providing, please inform our bartender and we will try to get that selection!


White Wine Red Wine
Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Arena Tavern House Chardonnay Arena Tavern House
Irony Wines - CA A to Z - OR
14 Hands - WA Chalone Vineyard - CA
Wente - CA Mark West - CA
Kendall Jackson - CA Rodney Strong - CA
Jordan - Russian River Merlot
Pinot Grigio Arena Tavern House
Arena Tavern House Pinot Grigio Portal del Alto - Chile
Barone Fini- Italy Malbec
Sterling - CA Massimo Malbec - Argentina
Sauvignon Blanc Cabernet Sauvignon
Portal Del Alto - Chile Arena Tavern House
Clifford Bay - New Zealand Hand Craft - CA
Riesling Wente - CA
Firestone Vineyards - CA Hidden Crush Central Coast
White Zinfandel Sterling - CA
Arena Tavern House Zinfandel 14 Hands - Colombia Valley
Moscato J Lohr - Paso
Villa Pozzi - Italy Charles Krug - Napa
  Franciscan _ Napa


Jordan Alexander  Valley Cabernet - Sonoma

Frank Family Vineyards - Napa


Specialty & Featured Drinks, Martinis - $10

Specialty Drinks - $10

Cancun Get- Away - Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Melon Liqueur, splash of pineapple juice and a splash of cranberry

Mojito Mexicano - Don Julio Blanco Tequila served over ice with muddled crushed mint leaves, sugar and lime. Topped with chilled club soda. Garnished with mint leaves

Arena Tavern Margarita - 1800 Silver, sour mix, and a splash of agavero.  Served in our new Arena Tavern Margarita glass

Tropical Margarita - 1800 Coconut, splash of Cointreau, topped with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice served in our Arena Tavern margarita glass

CoronaRita- 1800 Gold, Triple Sec, splash of sour mix served with a 8 oz. Corona bottle inside our new Arena Tavern margarita glass

Kraken Dark and Stormy with Kraken Ginger Beer - Kraken rum over ice topped with Kraken Ginger Beer served in our new Arena Tavern hurricane glass

Martinis - $10

Pretty Lady - Ciroc Red Berry, cranberry juice  and a squeeze of lime. Garnished with an orange peel

Southern Belle - Ciroc Peach, Triple Sec, splash of cranberry juice and garnished with a lime.

All Natural Tini - Ciroc Coconut, Elderflower Liqueur, cranberry juice and garnished with a lime

Red Delicious Tini - Ciroc Apple, fresh lemon, dash of simple syrup and ranished with a lemon wedge

Lemon Drop Tini - Ketel One Vodka, Cointreau, splash of sweet sour , squeeze of lemon and a sugar rimmed glass

Ketel Splash -

Scotch & Bourbon


Glenmorangie (10 year old) $13.00

Ballvenie (12 year old Double Wood) $12.00

Oban (14 year old) $15.00

Chivas (18 year old) $18.00

McCallan (18 year old) $26.00


Woodford Reserve $9.00

Bowman Brothers Small Batch $9.00

Four Rose Small Batch $10.00

Jeffersons Bourbon $10.00

Blanton's $13.00