We Carry 100+ Domestic, Imported, Draft, Craft & Bottled Beers


  Glass Bottle Glass Bottle
Red or White 7     Arena House – CA 7 29
        Mark West - Sonoma 8 29
ROSÉ       Woodwork – Central Coast 9 33
Sofia Rosé 8 29   Rodney Strong – Russian River 14 46
Arena House - Kenwood – CA 8 29   Arena House – Kenwood – CA 8 29
Chateau St. Michelle – CA 9 32        
Rodney Strong – Sonoma 11 38   MALBEC    
Jordan – Russian River   60   Massiomo – Argentina 9 33
Arena House – CA 7 26   Arena House – Kenwood – CA 8 29
Coppola – Monterey 8 30   Conundrum Wagner Family – CA 9 33
A to Z – Noir 10 36   Sterling – CA 10 36
        J Lohr – CA 11 40
SAUVIGNON BLANC       Franciscan – Napa CA 12 44
Arena House – Kenwood – CA 8 29   Carpe Diem – Napa CA   55
Cloudy Bay – New Zealand 11 39   Quilt Wagner Family – Napa CA   63
Férrari- Cerrano 10 36   Silver Oak – Alexander Valley   90
Riesling Firestone – CA 8     Caymus – Napa CA   99
Arena House – CA 7 26        
Villa Possi - Italy 8 29        




Coffee Drinks -  $7.50
Carribean Irish Mudslide
Coffee with Rumchatta Coffee with Jameson & Baileys Coffee with Baileys & Kahlua
Mexican French Russian
Coffee with Kahlua Coffee with Grand Marnier Coffee with Frangelico & Vodka
Italian Keoke Jamaican
Coffee with Amaretto Coffee with Kahlua & Brandy Coffee with Myers’s Dark Rum
  Espresso Cappuccino - Latte $2.75  


Specialty Drinks
Vodka   Mules  $10
Tito’s Stolichnaya   Whipped Mule – Kraken spiced run, Amaretto, squeezed
Hangar One Ketel One   lemon and ginger beer
Grey Goose     Jewel Mule – Crown Royal, blended Canadian whiskey,
      agave syrup, squeezed lime & lemon, ginger beer & paprika
Whiskey   Rosie Mule – Bombay Sapphire gin, Bacardi Razzmatazz rum
Crown Royal Jameson   squeezed lime & lemon, ginger beer
Gentleman Jack Maker’s Mark   The Cartel Mule – Cazadores tequila, squeezed lemon & lime
Jack Daniel’s     agave syrup, ginger beer & salted rim
      Moscow / Trump Mule – Ketel One vodka, squeezed Russian,
Rum   lemon & lime, agave syrup, Kraken ginger beer, salted rim
Bacardi Captain Morgan    
Bacardi Banana Kraken Mojitos  $10
      Pineapple Honey – Jack Daniels honey whiskey, agave syrup,
Bourbon   mint, lime, and pineapple juice.
Angel’s Envy Bulleit Rye   The Pirate – Malibu mango rum, lime, mint, simple syrup, soda
Bookers Buffalo Trace   Don Juan – Don Julio Blanco tequila, served over ice with
Blantons Jefferson Reserve   muddled mint leaves, sugar, lime, topped with chilled club soda
Basil Hayden Woodford Reserve   Strawberry Banana – Banana Bacardi rum, mint, lime, strawberry
      Pucker, simple syrup, soda
Beefeaters Hendricks Margaritas  $10
Bombay Sapphire Tanqueray   1800 Margarita – 1800 Silver tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice,
      agave nectar, lime wedge garnish
Tequila   Vodkarita Jalapeño – Grapefruit vodka, lime juice, sour mix,
Cazadores Herradura   splash of lemon-lime soda
Don Julio Patron XO   Good Morning Rita – Cazadores tequila, grapefruit juice, lime
1800     sour mix, splash of soda, fresh lime
      VIP Margarita – Tito’s vodka, sour mix, splash of agave
Glenlivet 12/15/18 Macallan 12/15   Martinis  $10
Glenfiddich 12/15/18 Oban 12   James Bond – Ketel One vodka, Bombay Sapphire, shaken not
Chivas Johnnie Walker   stirred, olive or pickled onion
  Black, Blue, Platinum   Lemon Drop Tini – Tito’s vodka, Cointreau, splash of sweet and
      sour, squeezed lemon, sugar rim
Shooters - For the Fun of It!!   Hawaiian Sunset Tini – Tito’s vodka, Malibu rum, pineapple juice,
  sugar rim
Baby Guinness Derby Dream   The Peach State – Ketel One vodka, peach schnapps, lemonade
B-52 Key Lime Pie   Seduce Me Tini – Ketel One orange vodka, Triple Sec liqueur,
Cloud 9 Nate’s Candy   cranberry juice, shaken, garnished with lime
Pineapple Upside-down   TGIF Tini – Ketel One vodka, Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Triple Sec,
Nerd Rope Bacardi Banana Monkey   topped lemon-lime soda


Cocktails   $10
Blue Breeze – Vanilla vodka, Blue Curacao, lemon-lime soda, topped with a cherry
The Elvis Crown Royal, sour apple liqueur, pineapple juice, shaken over ice
Cancun Getaway – Don Julio Blanco tequila, melon liqueur, splash of pineapple juice, splash of cranberry juice
Kraken Hurricane – Kraken spiced rum, Amaretto, Triple Sec, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, splash of cranberry juice
Manhattan South – Woodford Reserve bourbon, sweet vermouth, splash of bitters, cherry
PB&J – Frangelico and Chambord

Scotch & Bourbon


Glenmorangie (10 year old) $13.00

Ballvenie (12 year old Double Wood) $12.00

Oban (14 year old) $15.00

Chivas (18 year old) $18.00

McCallan (18 year old) $26.00


Woodford Reserve $9.00

Bowman Brothers Small Batch $9.00

Four Rose Small Batch $10.00

Jeffersons Bourbon $10.00

Blanton's $13.00